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What is a logobug ? 

Logobugs up from £0.12 !   Logobugs are 3.5 cms colourful Pom Pom promotional novelties, with moving Googly Eyes ,Self Adhesive Feet and a Printed Ribbon Style attachment to carry your important Information ,text and logo's in full colour.

Logobugs and Weepuls are simply the most successful Promotional Novelty ever!


We produce hundreds of different character logobugs-, Animal bugs, Sport bugs, Profession bugs and many more.


You can order Logobugs up from 250 pieces with your own message and logo on the ribbon. We manufacture in the UK so our delivery time is extremely short.

Scroll down & click below to see the whole Logobugs familly. Or contact us now to receive your quote immediately.
Our prices are here online.

logo bugs

All the custom animal logobugs. Click here for an overview of all the available animal logobugs. We can print your logo and slogan on the ribbon.  
Custom sport logobugs ! Football logobugs, supporter logobugs and rugby logobugs and many more. Click to see the overview. 
Custom logobugs with hands & hats. We can make any custom handholder logobug you can imagine up from 250 pieces. 
Answers on all your questions about logo bugs. what is the minimum order quantity ? production time ? Can I choose the pompom colors ? 
The available pompom and feet colors. here you can choose your pompom and feet colors for the logobugs. 
How much does logobugs cost ? Online prices for the custom logobugs. Contact us for any additional information !